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Teachers - A Free Reading Resource for you! PBS Island

PBS Island

PBS KIDS Island is the centerpiece of the new PBS KIDS Raising Readers web site, which provides free reading games and activities for children, parents, caregivers and teachers to use at home or in the classroom. Use the power of the Web to help your students build valuable skills to improve their reading skills!


PBS Island screenshot  


PBS KIDS Island gives children the tools to build an online island carnival by playing reading games with PBS KIDS® characters. Providing a familiar and comfortable environment for emerging readers, the research-based program guides children through eight different literacy-building levels, including phonological awareness, letter recognition, letter sequencing, phonemic awareness, word families, phonics-decoding, text comprehension, and vocabulary. PBS KIDS Island is currently serving the needs of children ages 2-5, with plans to offer content for children ages 6-8 in 2009.



Curriculum Accessibility:
  • Literacy skill development, with an emphasis on reading.
  • Free Web site accessible through dial-up or broadband.
  • Log-in required to track and save progress.

This site is specifically designed to build reading skills and aggregates the literacy-based activities, games and resources from PBS KIDS Raising Readers series that include SESAME STREET, SUPER WHY, WORDWORLD and BETWEEN THE LIONS for parents, teachers and kids in one place so it’s easily accessible in a cohesive environment. The site is built on a literacy framework, based on the National Reading Panel guidelines and funded by a Ready To Learn Grant from the U.S. Department of Education and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
• The site tracks children’s progress through seven key literacy building skills
• Features bilingual content for parents, caregivers & teachers
• Offers dynamic modules, including “Word of the Day”
• Designed to support all literacy levels
• Printable lesson plans and recommended daily reading activities to continue learning off-line;
• “Word of the Day” activities to build vocabulary; and educational videos

Alignment to Reading Skills

Sesame Street: Elmo Rhymes
Sesame Street: Super Grover’s In the Nick of Rhyme
World Word: Frog’s Rhyming Machine
Super Why: Red’s Rhyme and Roll
Super Why: Wonder Red’s Rhyming Challenge
Letter Identification

Super Why!: Alpha Pig’s Brick Game
Sesame Street: Letters to Big Bird
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Letter of the Day
Sesame Street: Oscar’s Bumper Cars
Word World: Bear’s Skateboard Park
Between the Lions: ABCD Watermelon
Word World: Alphabet Falls


Sesame Street: Letters to Big Bird
Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Letter of the Day
Sesame Street: Oscar’s Bumper Cars
Word World: Pig’s Perfect Pizza

Word World: Dog’s Letter Pit
Between the Lions: Chicken Stacker
Between the Lions: Pounce
Super Why!: Princess Presto’s Create Your Own Superhero
Between the Lions: Alphabet Soup Game
Letter Sequencing
Between the Lions: ABCD Watermelon
Phonemic Awareness

Between the Lions: ABCD Watermelon
Word World: Dog’s Letter Pit
Between the Lions: Blending Bowl
Between the Lions: Fuzzy Lion Ears
Between the Lions: Word Morph
Between the Lions: Chicken Stacker

Reading/Vocabulary Skill Games

Between the Lions: Word Play
Super Why!: Super Why To The Rescue
Between the Lions: Trampolini
Between the Lions: Alphabet Soup Game
Between the Lions: Synonym Sam’s Lab
Between the Lions: Battle of the Words
Between the Lions: Flood


The contents of document were developed under a grant, #PRU295A050003, from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.





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