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Larry Crum Retires After 40 Years of Service

Larry Crum

From our own earliest days, WHRO TV has focused much of its instructional efforts on opening the world of science to curious kids. And much of that effort has been led by Larry Crum, who retired in September after 40 years at WHRO.

Larry’s a peninsula native who started his education journey as a teacher in Newport News Public Schools; we like to say he came to WHRO from Newport News “on loan” as a program designer and on-camera television teacher, but he soon evolved into a producer, film editor, and executive producer of award winning instructional television programs – and we never sent him back! He produced several significant ITV programs, including Minds on Science, The Community of Living Things and The Human Community, and was awarded the prestigious Japan Prize for the latter. He contributed to other programs that earned WHRO more than three dozen state and national awards, including the coveted George Foster Peabody Award, and has been recognized with two industry national lifetime achievement awards. He authored the textbook: Activities and Experiments that Teach Life Science.

Larry helped initiate the Consortium for Interactive Instruction in 1984, the first of many steps in new technology exploration impacting educational services. He produced Professional Development series: Earth Science for Teachers. He most recently helped us launch the Regional Virtual School and facilitated the most recent update of the Virginia Master Plan for Public Telecommunications. Larry has met regularly with area school Superintendents, School Board representatives, Assistant Superintendents, and content supervisors. He has provided strategic information to senior WHRO management on educational technology related needs, trends, and opportunities, and has assisted with conceptualization and funding of new products and services.

Larry is responsible in great part for the tremendous educational resource that WHRO has become, and he’s done it all with the dedication, humor and commitment that have inspired generations of young curious minds and those who teach them. All of his colleagues at WHRO and in the Hampton Roads education community salute him, and offer hearty congratulations on a retirement well earned!

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