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Educational Technology Leadership Awards 2008

Educational Technology Leadership Awards

The Educational Technology Leadership Award recognizes one individual in each region whose outstanding work demonstrates a shared vision with the school division for the effective use of technology to support teaching, learning, and school administration and management. It honors those whose leadership has had a significant impact on instruction. Each region is recognized.
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Region 2 Winner!!

Joshua Spaugh
Joshua Spaugh,
Director of Technology,
Isle of Wight Public Schools

In only his second year as Director of Technology for his county, Josh has brought a tremendous vision ot the school division and is moving the division forward in educational technology. This year he is leading the division in the implementation of several major projects which will provide immense improvement to the technology available for students and faculty. He worked to plan and oversee a new high speed network. He also served as the point-man on the recent transition of the student information system, to include the inclusion of electronic gradebooks and report cards, that will eventually allow parents to view their children’s grades online. Technical support has moved to a dispatch model allowing technicians to use their strengths in response to stakeholder needs. Communication has improved between the technology department and stakeholders.

Josh has ambitious goals for the division and has established a collaborative atmosphere between the Technology Department, Instructional Services, and the schools.

Josh is both a “thinker” and a “do-er”. His vision for the school system, as well as his ability to make projects happen, has led to significant advances in the division’s technology in his short tenure.


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