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Tech Trek 2007 Update


The C.I.I. ran 3 Tech Treks this summer. Tech Trek is full of Technology, Learning, and FUN!! Our very own President and CEO stopped in for a visit. Check out the video below for a sneak peak into the Tech Trek experience. If you were at Tech Trek this summer, you may see yourself, or others you know.

Bert Schmidt,
WHRO President
and CEO @ Tech Trek 2007

Streaming Video
Check out Bert @ Tech Trek 2007





Norfolk Public School ITRTs @ Tech Trek: The Next Generation

Norfolk Public School ITRTs spent the week of Aug 13-17, 2007 at WHRO for Tech Trek: The Next Generation. The week included the standard content of Tech Trek the Next Generation including Digital/Multimedia Literacy, Digital Media Development, and Distance Learning, but had a special twist with specific topics requested by the division. Some of the other special sessions included instruction by Tammy Worcester, Internet Safety, Podcasting, GrantWriting for ITRTs, Blogs, Wikis, MySpace, FaceBook, and Using Camtasia to create video tutorials.

Here's what a few of the ITRTs had to say about the week:

  • I learned more in this one week in new tech skills than ever before in my long career as an educator. I would recommend this workshop to any educator that plans on preparing our students for the job skills set that will be needed in the 21st century job market.
  • This was a great week. I learned so much! You are all walking, living encyclopedias of tech-knowledgey. Tech-knowledgey – add this to your dictionary! Zamzar – Thanks! Now we can get YouTube into school! JibJab – Love it!
  • This training session should be made available to all teachers in some way.

Hampton Roads Country Day School & Hampton Roads Academy Staff Attend TECH TREK: The Next Generation At WHRO

submitted by Patti Grayson

HRA Staff
Patti Grayson, Rebecca Deeley, and Aaron Hill

Hampton Roads Academy and Hampton Roads Country Day School staff members Aaron Hill, Rebecca Deeley, and Patti Grayson spent the week of July 30th – August 3rd at WHRO in an intensive workshop focused on Project-Based Learning, with an emphasis on technology integration. This workshop was funded by a national No Child Left Behind (NCLB) grant.

Project-Based Learning is centered on the theory of Cognitive Constructivism – that it is most effective for learners to build their own knowledge. In Project-Based Learning, students create a project as a culminating activity to a unit of study. Howard Garner (multiple intelligences) refers to this as “sticky learning” – an activity which helps to lock in material for long-term retention. This also advances the lesson to the Synthesis level of Bloom’s Taxonomy, by having the students actually produce something representative of their knowledge. Project-Based Learning is also useful for incorporating cooperative learning in the classroom.

By being the facilitator – the “guide on the side” as opposed to the “sage on the stage”, we are able to provide the appropriate scaffolding to raise the students’ Zone of Proximal Development (Vygotsky) - the gap educators seek to optimize between the learner’s current or actual level of development and their potential level of development.

With this as the primary focus, TECH TREK participants spent three days from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. in intensive technology workshops on digital media literacy and development, distance learning, WebQuests and web design, digital story telling, wikis and podcasts, advanced uses of spreadsheets and databases, and UnitedStreaming. 

The remaining two days were spent developing and producing a NCLB lesson plan with technology integration for a unit of study culminating in a student created project. Participants were required to submit complete lesson plans, produce a model of the project to be completed, create a rubric for assessment, and to present/demonstrate their ideas to the class on Friday.

We are grateful for the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest developments in our field and to collaborate with other educators, thanks to our C.I.I. membership through WHRO and the generosity of the NCLB grant.

Most of the Tech Trekkers signed up for the Tech Trek Ning site ( where they can continue to collaborate, share photos, videos, etc. Ning is a FREE Social Networking website. For the Tech Trekkers that still need to join, do so TODAY!! Drop an email to and you will then receive in invitation to join via email. If you attended Tech Trek prior to 2007, you are welcome to join as well by requesting an invitation. Just include the year you attended. If you are already a member, click below to login.

Visit Tech Trek

Check out this video that was created by a
team of Tech Trekkers
(Gail Ford Westbrook and Tami Maloney)
during Tech Trek: The Next Generation.

Why Tech Trek?

Find more videos like this on Tech Trek



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Week 1 - 7.16.07-7.20.07
Photo Gallery

Week 2 - 7.30.07-8.03.07
Photo Gallery

Week 3 - 8.13.07-8.17.07
Photo Gallery

Many PortaPortals were shared
during Tech Trek.
Click here for more PortaPortals.

Robb Ponton's Tech Trek PortaPortal
Williamsburg ITRT

Robb Ponton's Tech Trek: The Next Generation PortaPortal
Williamsburg ITRT

Robb Ponton's NPS ITRT Tech Trek PortaPortal
Williamsburg ITRT

Tom Spencer's PortaPortal
Chesapeake Engineering /Apl. Physics Instructor

Chris Wyatt's PortaPortal
Hampton ITRT

Lynn Latham's PortaPortal - used for teaching, reviewing, and helping children in kindergarten through 5th grades
Hebrew Academy of Tidewater Instructional Technology Specialist

Tech Trek PortaPortal - Tech Trek participants collaborated and added their favorite websites to the Tech Trek PortaPortal. The login and password did change. If there are any Tech Trekkers out that would like to contribute to this PortaPortal, send a message to requesting the logon and password, or check out the Tech Trek Ning for the information.

During week 3 of Tech Trek, some of the participants experimented with to create a podcast. If you attended Tech Trek, and could like to add comments about your experience at Tech Trek to this podcast, drop a message to to recceive the login and password. Then you can upload your audio file to the gcast website, and your file will automatically be added to this podcast. Click on the play button to hear a few of the podcasts that were created during Tech Trek.

During Robb Ponton's Multimedia session, he shared a few sites to help you spice up your curriculum.

Elf Yourself
(down for the season)
Monkey email
Jib Jab

At Tech Trek, we use PhotoJam to capture the week's activity. Check out the PhotoJam's for Tech Trek 2007 (coming soon).

PhotoJam allows you to easily create digital slide shows with music, transitions, and funny captions if you choose. PhotoJam 4 is $29.95 and version 4 Deluxe is $49.95. Check out more details here.