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Web Resources

Gathered by Starr Cortes

Make a slideshow with music

Voice to text from you to you (or others)

Interactive Litebrite

Create your own polls

Newspaper generator

Create word bubbles

Web Publishing Tools

List of interactive quizzes

Math Curriculum Compliant Game

SMART Board resources

SMART Board activities

It’s alive (SMART Board activities)

Language Arts Activities for SB

Power Points for EVERYTHING (WOW)!

WebQuest resources

Math stuff

Poetry idea engine

Tammy’s tech tip of the week (don’t forget to check the tabs)

WebQuests 9-12

WebQuests Galore

Scavenger Hunts and WebQuests

Shakespeare (a lot of stuff)

Emily Dickinson WebQuest

Romantic Poetry WebQuest

WebQuests for Middle School

Encyclopedia Mythica

Cyberguides 9-12

Two communities in the Civil War

World Cultures (Internet Classroom & Anthology)

Sonnet Central


Artificial Intelligence

Creative space (games)

Myth brainstorming Machine

Earth Day Activities

Pinata Concentration Game

Knowledge network

Zunal (make your own WebQuest-easy peasy)

Interactive eNews

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