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Hundreds of Young Writers & Illustrators
Compete In The PBS Kids Go! Writers Contest

PBS Kids Go Writers Contest

Take a look…it’s in a book! This catchy tune has opened the legendary PBS television series Reading Rainbow since its premiere in 1983. In addition to airing this children’s program,WHRO has hosted the Reading Rainbow YoungWriters and Illustrators Contest for the Hampton Roads area for the past fifteen years, challenging local children to write and illustrate their own creative stories. Reading Rainbow’s broadcast rights ran out in 2009 and the show no longer airs, but fortunately for us and the kids who look forward to this contest each year, PBS has launched a new young writers contest to carry on Reading Rainbow’s legacy of cultivating a love for reading and writing in children through their imaginations.

In January 2010, the PBS KIDS GO!Writers Contest kicked off for students in kindergarten through fifth grade and WHRO received more than 400 entries from local children. Their stories could have been fact or fiction, poetry or prose. They were judged on originality, creative expression, storytelling and integration of illustrations. One first place and one honorable mention winner were chosen from each grade level. The winners and their families were invited to attend a special reception in their honor on the evening of May 14th, where all winners were recorded in the WHRO television studio reading their entries. They also received a savings bond and a DVD copy of themselves reading their story. All of these winners can be viewed presenting their creative stories online at

Congratulations to all our young winners
for showing their creativity!

Reading Rainbow Winners

PBS Kids GO! Writers Contest 2010 Winners

Visit the Writer's Contest website to view the children reading their winning stories.

1st Place

Charlotte Toomey

“Benny The Dragon”

Larchmont, Norfolk


Honorable Mention

Brandt Gregory

“The Lost Coin”

Tidewater Academy, Wakefield

First Grade:
1st Place

Skylar Bennett

“Kids Meet An Alien”

Home Schooled, Williamsburg

Honorable Mention

Utitofon Ekanem

“If I Had A Kitten”

W. H. Taylor, Norfolk


Second Grade:
1st Place

Elise Bale

“Terra’s Promise”

Chinoteague, Chinoteague

Honorable Mention

McKenzie Phillips

“The Elephant Who Knocked On Steve’s Door”

Ocean Lakes, Virginia Beach

Third Grade:
1st Place

Michael Gazzanigo

”The Magnet Who Lost Magnetism”

Creekside, Suffolk


Honorable Mention

Chelsea Rodi

“Waddles The Duck”

Larchmont, Norfolk

Fourth Grade:
1st Place

Jacob DuBeau

“The Magic Refrigerator”

Larchmont, Norfolk

Honorable Mention

Shyesha James

“I Want To Be A Cat”

Crossroads, Norfolk

Fifth Grade:
1st Place

Ivy Jackman

“My New Best Friend”

Matthew Whaley, Williamsburg

Honorable Mention

Meg Urban

“The Hard Hearted Rabbit”

Larchmont, Norfolk


View the slideshow for a preview of the PBS Kids GO! Writing Contest Awards Ceremony.
To view this slideshow, JavaScript must be enabled, and you need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player.

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Any questions about the PBS Kids Go! Writing Contest can be directed to Martha Razor at 757.889.9112

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