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Wallwisher - A Cool, Free Tech Tool

by Caroline LaMagna


With, you can create a “wall,” post a question, and open it up for comments. 

After you register for a new account, set up your wall, and give students the URL (wallwisher will email it to you), students can post a “sticky note” as a response. You can moderate all the responses, too (if you choose to) and nothing will be posted until you approve it.

All students need to do is double-click the wall, type their name over “Anonymous,” type their comment, and click OK. Oh, yeah – did I mention it’s all free?

To moderate, simply click Approve, Edit, or click the “X” to delete the comment. It is that simple!

Here are just a few ideas for using Wallwisher in the classroom:

  • Reader response to a novel, short story, poem, or article
  • Vocabulary exercise (you post the term and the students have to correctly use it in a sentence, for example)
  • Discussion of a lab experiment (160 characters or less)
  • Discussion of an event in history (160 characters or less)

Here is a test page, if you want to check it out:

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