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Peer Connection - Online Coaching/Mentoring Tool

As part of the recent ARRA grant funding received, Virginia’s PBS TeacherLine is offering free lifetime accounts to PBS TeacherLine Peer Connection for all Virginia Instructional Technology Resource Teachers (ITRT).

Peer Connection is an online coaching/mentoring tool that was created to help educators further develop their professional skills. This tool offers customized, targeted support for instructional coaches and high quality resources like videos on best practices and research-based articles—all in a searchable location. In addition, Peer Connection offers over 3500 resources that include activities, videos, online interactives, lesson plans, etc. that are all subject are related and developed for all grade levels. PBS TeacherLine fosters an online community bringing coaches and teachers together regardless of hectic schedules and physical distance. As part of this grant a unique group has been created in Peer Connection just for Virginia ITRT's to gather resources for educators in their schools and to collaborate with other ITRT's across the state.

You can read more about Peer Connection and sign up for your own free 30 day trial at

Click here for a Peer Connection Brochure.

Peer Connection Brochure

Continue below for a Peer Connection video overview.

Watch the full episode. See more Peer Connection.


Watch the full episode. See more Peer Connection.

Watch the full episode. See more Peer Connection.

Watch the full episode. See more Peer Connection.

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