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The 1920's Radio Network
is a 24 hour per day Big Band and Old Time Radio service that is geared toward the preservation of nostalgic broadcasting. As such, the hits from the 20's to the 40's are aired in their original form, and some have been digitally enhanced. This broadcast originates from studios in Chesapeake, VA and goes out worldwide over the internet through the WHRO streaming servers. Additionally The 1920's Radio Network is currently broadcast over a subchannel of the WHRO FM 90.3 signal which requires a specially tuned receiver to receive it. 

The 1920's Radio Network started some years ago as a low power AM stereo radio station, WBDH. Over the years this AM stereo facility (now consisting of 2 AM stereo stations, Big Band and Gospel) has become independent of the 20's Network. Though all of the radio facilities are under one roof it is the 1920's Radio Network that has recently taken off in popularity.

This is called a network simply because it is here as a service to broadcast stations. The Chesapeake studios have a full automation system, servers, sound-proofed control rooms...everything a network needs to operate. The Internet signal goes out over the Shoutcast system as well as a Windows Mediaplayer stream via WHRO. There are about 3,000 to 4,000 listeners every day who tune in from all over the world. As of 10-21-05, The 1920's Radio Network was officially added to i Tunes.

The 1920's Radio Network and WBDH Radio was founded by its engineer, Brian Hughes back in the late 70's. Brian is also Chief Engineer of WHRV (89.5) and WHRO-FM (90.3) in Norfolk, VA and is responsible for the daily technical operations of both stations. Since 1986 Brian has avidly been involved in AM stereo electronics and has perfected a low power independent sideband (Kahn ISB) AM stereo transmitter plant with a sound that rivals FM. In the mid 90's WBDH Radio adopted the Big Band format.

The 1920's Radio Network would like to thank long-time announcers/staff, Lori Morris Hughes, Heather Mazzoni, Lori Jernigan, Annie Gilstrap, and Donna Price. They stuck with us from day one, and we sincerely thank you!


The 1920's Radio Network

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